— Jördis Anderson

France lll

Today i’ll take you to the ocean. The Atlantic Ocean. I won’t say how much i like it, how instantly calming and ever changing it is. See for yourself – even it it’s only trough these photographs.

  1. Maria says: June 30, 20117:50 pm

    wow! stunning!

  2. alexandria says: June 30, 20118:25 pm

    Wonderful views. These make me want to visit the ocean soon.

  3. jana says: June 30, 20119:47 pm

    you have captured its moods perfectly. love these photos. the colours and the textures and the skies.

  4. sarah c says: July 1, 201112:17 am

    the blues and the lavender hues are perfect!

  5. Brian says: July 1, 201111:13 am

    i love how the tones and colors change as you scroll down… i think #5 and #6 are my favorites.

  6. Astrid says: July 1, 20111:49 pm

    So, so beautiful! I love the ocean!

  7. Rebecca says: July 4, 20117:59 pm

    This series is incredible !
    Some really look like paintings, and they’re all so beautiful…

  8. Emily W says: July 4, 20118:48 pm

    Oh wow these are so beautiful. I feel much calmer now, thanks.
    Do you sell prints?

  9. claire says: July 9, 201111:25 pm

    what i head meant to say, was wow! lovely these, j. just like i love the ocean.

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