— Jördis Anderson


from a quite exhausting and delightful saturday with Luisa. we should do that again soon.
and i dream of those pretty mushrooms. i’m getting hungry as i type this … not good.

  1. charlotte says: January 30, 201211:09 pm

    great shots, j. i like the look of this lunch a lot.

  2. BF says: January 31, 20122:50 am

    Mmm…. looks great.

  3. Geneviève Bjargardóttir says: January 31, 20129:31 am

    such a simple and delicious meal, and even more deliciously photographed!

  4. catarina says: February 2, 20123:28 pm

    ohh, delicious!

  5. Limner says: April 5, 20127:03 am

    Ah! We have a knife in common! As well as a love of beautiful photographs and good food. Very nice.

  6. kristina - no penny for them says: April 5, 20128:44 am

    really love this set, tones, the light…

    and that lunch looks just scrumptious.

  7. Elizabeth Lloyd says: April 9, 20127:18 pm

    Such beautiful pictures. Such great ideas! Love hearing about Berlin and other locals.

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