— Jördis Anderson

London lV

more from London. with “The Ferry” (who wasn’t that impressed with his Americano) and Claire.

  1. BF says: September 29, 201112:14 pm

    I think this is my favorite set yet!! Such wonderful shots, J. It makes me look at London (and my flat) with fresh eyes. So great.

  2. mav says: September 29, 20112:46 pm

    just love these. gosh … i wish i lived in London. xo!

  3. Marion says: September 30, 201112:58 pm

    This set is truly gorgeous. That last picture is so beautiful.

  4. claire says: October 2, 20118:00 am

    love these photos, j. what a great day that was. my legs were still aching the next day!

  5. dani says: October 11, 20118:44 am

    loving your Blick of London – really really cool pics!!!….makes me want to go there so bad
    ….but 1st it’s saving for sydney :) :) :) :) :)
    not that i am excited or anything
    xx big kiss

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