— Jördis Anderson


there were no photos of the sea in the last post. i mean, come on, i called it Baltic SEA!
so i’m showing you some photographs from a wonderful beach day today. sadly the only one we had.

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We’ve spent a week with friends and kids at the Baltic Sea. The house we’ve rented was huge and really nice. it had an enormous garden, a barn with a ping-pong table and not much more than a few neighbors and fields and forests around it.

there were long breakfasts, a lot of short walks (because of the short-legged people), beach days and in the end a lot of rain. i’ll show you some more during the week.

hope you already enjoyed your summer vacation or have it still ahead of you.

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These are the last shots from my vacation in France.

For our family summer vacation we’re going to the Baltic Sea with a bunch of friends and kids on Saturday.
Hanging out, eating, drinking and enjoying some nature are high on my personal list.

See you after the vacation in this space, friends!

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Summer is back on track here. Tomorrow is my last day at work before a two week break.
So i’m totally in the mood for tiny colorful houses at the beach of Saint-Denise-d’Oléron. This screams summer, right?!

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It’s a terribly wet and grey day here. I wish I was back in France, enjoying sun and a light breeze from the Atlantic.
Maybe if Istare long enough at these picture … Maybe I’ll find myself back at Phare de Chassiron, the lighthouse on the northern tip of Ile D’Oleron.

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A few more randoms from France today. Hope you have a good weekend ahead.

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Today i’ll take you to the ocean. The Atlantic Ocean. I won’t say how much i like it, how instantly calming and ever changing it is. See for yourself – even it it’s only trough these photographs.

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Some more pictures form France. More or less random. I took them walking or biking around. There’s so much to see.
The horse actually was right behind our house, as one of the many wine yards.
A lot of the wine is probably used to make Pineau. Pineau is a aperitif made from a blend of lightly fermented grape must and Cognac. We mixed it with Prosecco for a nice summer drink. You have to be a bit careful because of the cognac in there … just saying.

Tomorrow i’ll take you to the ocean.

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I’ve been to France. My parents are renting a house there every year and i’ve spend 10 wonderful days on Ile D’Oleron, an island just south of La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast.

Let me tell you … it’s the perfect place to go and do not much. Just relax, sleep, eat, drink and maybe ride a bike. It’s really the perfect place for that.

Today I want to take you on a stroll trough La Biroire, the little village where our house is. It’s conveniently situated just 15 minutes by bike from the islands biggest village, St. Pierre. It’s also close to La Cotinière, where we usually buy all our fish and bread. There are little markets in the villages around La Biroire. But the best one is the Saturday farmers market in St. Pierre.

Having been there three times already gave me the chance to take it all in very slowly this time. There was not stress to see this and that, to be here and there.

The only downside to this vacation was that my dad had a bad tooth infection which left him on strong pain killers and unable to eat much of the delicious food. We’ve spent some time at the doctors office, went to a dentist and in the end I’ve rented myself a little car to get back to Bordeaux to fly home. Not everything went as we’ve planned, but all in all it still was a very nice vacation. Next year i want to take Mari and Matt with me.

More from France during the next days.

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